Vision Enterprise

Understand your customer, anticipate their requirements and enhance the journey with VISION Enterprise.

End-to-end enterprise resource planning integrations

MarkeTech offers facilities to integrate into many of the popular or your own legacy solutions including any other 3rd party solutions critical to your business operations. Built on a platform of industry best practices, Vision can  integrate all areas of your business quickly and efficiently, maximising visibility across your entire business in real time. This will provide you with a solution delivering a unique shopping experience across all channels enabling timely data capture between stores and the main office and improving business agility.

Enterprise management

Streamline financials and reduce administrative costs to enhance business responsiveness

Business intelligence

 Gives one view of the truth across the business, with easy to consume information for everyone, everywhere, on any device

Merchandise life cycle

Achievable profitable growth through timely execution of strategic merchandise decisions

Supply chain

Optimize inventory and react faster to changes in the market

Customer experience

Provide a fast checkout and a consistent shopping journey across all channels

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