Delivering Engaged Commerce

Retailers continue to meet the demand of consumers by using new and innovative technology to improve shoppers experience.

Sell from anywhere

VISION Commerce Suite; allows you to sell from any location ensuring a seamless brand experience.

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Location is no issue with VCS. Our simple, single-system approach lets you continue to engage with your customers – in-store and in the great outdoors.

With VCS, baskets stay with the customer and not their device. Transactions track across channels, increasing consumer convenience and your ability to up-sell. Online, in-store, on-app and on mobile … the experience is the same.


Research shows over 70% of consumers demand a unified commerce shopping experience. Give them the experience they expect with VCS.

VCS lets you:

  • Maintain a single basket across every channel
  • Keep customer and basket together
  • Deliver consistency
  • Minimise cost
  • Stay fast and agile

Surprise and delight

Deliver a surprise at any time, on any channel and for a specific customer anywhere in the world.

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Our Personalised Offers allow you to link promotions and other incentives to real- time actions. Choose to influence a shopper’s journey by upselling, steer them to new products or take them to a new channel – the choice is yours.


These capabilities allow you to leverage key influencers to engage with new communities. Oversight on individual customers is assured and real-time information gives you convertible insight and easy adjustments.

Segment selection, unlimited offer management and incentive-driven sales are all made possible using a solution proven to work seamlessly across channels. Subscriptions can be triggered by activity such as location, visits or spend, with all activity easy to monitor and influence.

At a glance:

  • Any kind of offer
  • Choose targets
  • Spread the word
  • Engage communities
  • Understand the engagement

Never lose sales

Make sure your shoppers stay with you when we put your channels to work everywhere.

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Keep your customers loyal

Shoppers who visit your store or website and leave because they can’t find what they are looking for are not just lost sales, they’re potential lost customers. VISION Commerce Suite ensures you never lose a sale because you can’t see your inventory.

Save the sale

Retailers trust VISION Commerce to help them save the sale and deliver a better shopping experience. By putting your channels to work everywhere, with powerful Click-and-Collect, Endless Aisle and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) capabilities, you can:

  • Let shoppers buy what they want
  • If you’ve got it, sell it
  • Fulfill from anywhere
  • Put shoppers in control
  • Increase your bottom line

Available and affordable

Guaranteed value through a flexible, adaptable solution that’s easy to monitor and control.

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Ready for the future

The marketplace is changing fast, and one of the dominant challenges retailers face is ensuring new technology solutions are cost-effective, secure and provide the long-term benefits the business expects. That’s why many of the world’s largest retailers choose Vision Commerce.

A proven, flexible approach

VISION Commerce Suite offers proven value. This flexible, adaptable solution is easy to monitor and control. Additionally, our long-term partnership approach means continual rewards over many years.

With VCS, you can:

  • Count on your commerce system
  • Write once, deploy everywhere
  • Experiment & adapt
  • Cover your needs without breaking the bank
  • Stay flexible – our solutions are not locked to specific hardware, operating systems or databases

Point of Sale

A powerful feature rich enterprise platform designed for the digital retail complexity of today and tomorrow.

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The VISION Commerce Suite point of sale solution, is an international leading, next generation solution designed to facilitate an Omni-Channel strategy and to help retailers serve their customers better. The innovative retail PoS solution has been designed to meet the challenges of today’s global multi-format retailers. It enables them to have multiple configurations of the software for stores (if required) with different formats, currencies and languages delivered through configuration of a single core application.

Everything in One Place

  • Connect the store
  • Point of sale, Self-scan Checkout, Weighing devices, Mobile, eCommerce and back office systems
  • Easily connect customers and employees with product information they want and need
  • Connect the store with Digital
  • Integrates the store and digital platforms for extended range and ‘save the sale’ opportunities

Create a tailored user experience across multiple sectors

  • Grocery & Supermarket
  • Department stores
  • Hospitality & Food Service
  • Fuel & Gas Stations
  • Pharmacy & Drug
  • Airports
  • Bookstores
  • Opticians

Solutions that support multi-channel retail

  • Build and implement a consistent customer experience across all channels
  • Delivers a point of service wherever required:
  • Tablet devices, Kiosks, Weigh scales, Self-checkout
  • Supports scalable implementation whilst offering protection from unknown future challenges
  • Ability to continue trading even if connectivity to central systems is lost for a sustained period of time
  • As back office functionality is delivered via browser technology it removes the need for onsite servers
  • The solution is hardware and platform independent, providing ‘insulation’ from external technology changes
  • International capability from the same deployment:
  • Multi-language
  • Multi-tax regime
  • Variable card payment systems based on region

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