Digital and Omni-Channel

Is it Digital? Social? Mobile? Omni-channel? The definitions may change but the aspirations are not only the same,  but extending to include emerging technologies and channels. Being a digital retailer today involves moving from silo’d friction-ful experiences to seamless, fluid and frictionless engagement for consumers and colleagues. The reality? The best user experience may sit across many technologies, in-house expertise and partners.

Understanding Digital User Journeys

…for both customer and store colleague

  • The digital revolution isn’t just about the end consumer and optimising their browsing and buying experiences…
  • It is also about your frontline colleagues – who serve customers and require a frictionless experience as they move between master sources of data, and execute key functional operations to delight the custom
Creating frictionless experiences and engagement
  • Consumer seamless experiences across channels
  • Store colleagues intuitive and easy methods to serve customers and convert demand to sale
Out of the box solutions – leapfrog into the future
  • Test the ground with Loyalty Lite before you invest in significant overheads on points-based loyalty programme incurs
  • Thinking of a consumer mobile app that allows your customer to shop instore? Try our Scan/Pay/Go solution for your consumer app.
  • Planning to digitise your stores by enabling your store colleagues with mobile tablets? Tablets that enable order instore, check loyalty points, queue bust, make recommendations, share product reviews? Our Associate Enablement suite of solutions do just that.
  • Give back more time to your store managers, department heads, assistant managers – and meet with us to discuss how we are freeing up key people from menial tasks through Wearables and mobile apps.
Open access to our Best of Breed commerce platform
  • Our microservices technology is already deployed and used at major grocery retailers, department stores, speciality retail and fashion.
  • The best minds at these retailers engage with our specialists to understand how to leverage our microservices technology such that the PCMS Commerce microservices can be re-used and deployed across many channels.
  • Call it headless commerce, unified commerce – the point remains the same, why re-invent key commerce capabilities such as basket build, complex pricing and promotion – and many others when you can learn once, then access/deploy/repeat across as many channels as you require?
Partnerships and Collaboration
  • PCMS have decades of experience in retail. Their area of expertise is connecting the dots between the Store and other channels, such as web, social, mobile, and building out our experience in emerging channels such as conversational commerce.
  • With our strong pedigree of scalability and resilience in retailers’ store estates – spanning the globe – we understand that innovation and disruptive technologies whilst desirable – must also perform against robust and often challenging store environments.
  • This means that Vision Commerce will ensure that your Store is the strongest link in the digital chain, and the microservices technology that underpins your Store, also underpins your digital strategy.
  • We at MarkeTech are collaborators – our objective is to help you leverage your investments to date, and to work with your partners to ensure our technology is open to best of breed 3rd party partners, and our solutions know what single source of truth, or master data they hold.
  • Vision Commerce technology is already deployed and used at major grocery retailers, department stores, speciality retail and fashion.

Point of Service

A powerful feature rich enterprise platform designed for the digital retail complexity of today and tomorrow.

Engaged Commerce Platform

VISION OnDemand is a state of the art portfolio of rich applications, data and services.

Digital and Omni Channel Integration

Scalable technology hub that simplifies application integration and data orchestration.

Customer Engagement

Engaging your customer is something we believe passionately in helping you to achieve. Our Loyalty Lite, Coupon Digital Wallet and Consumer Scan/Pay/Go solutions will surprise and delight your customers – ensuring their engagement with your brand is consistent and relevant to the channels they use.

Microservices Technology

Digital commerce, headless commerce, unified commerce – there are many names with just as many definitions. Our take is this: Leverage our open, microservices technology wherever demand converts to sale.

Web-based Store and Central Management

Enterprise wide, web based product, price and promotion management solutions cloud hosted or locally deployed to suit your needs.

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