Core Retail Sectors

Commerce solutions available for all types of retail. Our solutions provide a unified customer experience.

FMCG – Grocery and Convenience stores

Trusted software for FMCG and Convenience stores around the globe Vision Commerce from PCMS has proved to be a dependable and proven industry leader in delivering highly resilient and scalable solutions that run some of the largest retail estates globally. The solution offers a powerful common commerce platform across sales channels that have been created specifically to meet the needs of grocery and pharmacy retailers. The solution integrates omni-channel services from a single solution suite to provide your customers with a seamless shopping experience. PoS, mobile, self-scan checkout, kiosk, and weigh scales integrate easily.

Manage Engaging Cross-Channel Marketing to Drive Revenue

The Grocery OnDemand promotional management feature solves the marketing nightmare of delivering different promotions and content across selling channels.

  • Promotional activity
  • Comprehensive reporting

Weigh Scale

Offers Supermarket and Convenience retailers an integrated PoS and weigh scale solution that uses the same core software and merchandising data as the PoS solution, greatly reducing data synchronisation and consistency issues.

Self-Scan Checkout

Make established PoS functionality available to self-service terminals.

Department Stores and Fashion Retailers

VISION Commerce Suite solutions are used by specialty and department store retail clients around the world to provide a seamless, customer-focused experience in an often complex retail environment. MarkeTech offers has the solution, the people and the partnership approach to arm you with the tools you need to increase sales, maximise efficiency and offer service excellence to your customers. Department stores can be complicated because they offer a wide range of retail formats under one roof. The VISION Commerce Suite is capable of supporting all the specialised retailer formats commonly found in a department store, in addition to offering multiple ways to engage with your customer, transact and take payment.

Vision Commerce supports:

  • Connect with customers
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Create a consistent, unified shopping experience
  • Personalise service

VISION Commerce Suite supports the following capabilities:

  • Point of Service
  • Point of Sale
  • Mobile PoS(supporting roaming payments for general merchandising and food service, queue / line busting, mixed basket)
  • Kiosk (point verification, voucher printing etc.)
  • Click & collect
  • Style, colour and size variants
  • Buy anywhere/ Pick up anywhere
  • In-store special customer orders
  • Connect the store with digital
  • Integrates the store and digital platforms for extended range and ‘save the sale’ opportunities

Speciality Retailers

The VISION Commerce Suite flexible architecture is ideal for meeting the unique challenges contained within specialist retail markets. The demand for solutions to meet the local challenges faced within each specialty sector is ever increasing as retailers seek to differentiate themselves with unique specialised solutions.

The solution has been successfully implemented in the following sectors:

  • Airport & Travel
  • Optical
  • Mobile Phone
  • Fashion
  • Stationery
  • Pharmacy
  • Jewellery
  • Books
  • Music
  • Grocery
  • Convenience
  • Sporting Goods


Delivering world-class functionality from Vision’s heritage of grocery and general merchandise built into a rich functional fuel solution.

The fuel of tomorrow…

There has been a growth of the multi-site retailers looking for an enterprise solution with real time data across their estate. This gives forecourts the same level of control over their operations as some of the major high street retailers, providing them with access to multiple reports on products and promotions. This can all be obtained from one central point through the web; the Forecourt solution is designed for the fuel retailer of today and the future. Adding fuel functionality to the core Vision Commerce Suite delivers a complete solution meeting the needs of owners, franchises and operations managers. The solution utilizes DOMS Controllers being the industry standard (can be integrated to other controllers), ensuring ease of integration into the majority of pumps throughout the EU.

Vision Commerce can help you:

  • Manage wet stock levels
  • Control your VAT
  • Provide comprehensive reports
  • Create seamless shopping experience
  • Develop customer loyalty


As common standards emerge between retail and hospitality systems, whether local or global, Quick Service, Table Service or Retail, PCMS has the expertise to help customers experience the value of flexible, open-standards technologies. The VISION Commerce solution for Hospitality has been packaged specifically to address the needs of the global marketplace. Control one global system – across multiple restaurant concepts and menus, offer global customer loyalty programs, operate in multiple languages with multiple currencies and taxation, and enjoy the advantage of reduced overall implementation costs through centralisation.

Meet ever evolving customer expectations with hospitality solutions that can:

  • Provide multiple personalities – Specific functionality for different hospitality areas, including table service/restaurant, quick service, bar & ‘tabs’, drive-thru and delivery service
  • Mobile solutions – Manage the entire customer experience from placing the order to payment at the customers location in the outlet
  • Food modifiers – Ensures the customer is offered all options related to the menu item they have selected
  • Kitchen printing – The customer’s order is captured, including modifiers and special requests, and sent to the relevant printer in the preparation area
  • Panel maintenance – Panels are displayed on the PoS, showing the description, image and modifiers of the items; ensuring the customer ordering experience is efficient
  • Inventory management – Inventory is managed at ingredient level based on the recipe of the menu items
  • QSR kitchen system integration – New orders and order amendments are displayed on the kitchen screens to allow teams to effectively manage the preparation and table service processes
  • Dallas key integration – Dallas keys provide an efficient way to log-on and access a servers open order though the PoS

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