VISION Commerce Suite Analytics

Store performance analytics solutions ensure retailers can support smart decision-making at all levels of the enterprise that will transform key disciplines.

Knowledge is power

With an expanding omni-channel landscape it becomes increasingly difficult for retailers to manage large volumes of data. VISION Commerce Suite (VCS) Analytics processes real-time data from your store POS and consolidates sales activity for merchandise sold and other trading characteristics. Using graphical tools, quickly identify issues and opportunities, and interrogate data to the lowest level to enable timely responses to emerging trends. VCS Analytics is accessible on laptops, smartphones and tablets for organizations with on-the-move operations. Predictive analysis is a statistical analysis and data mining solution. It enables you to build predictive models to discover hidden insights and relationships in data, in order to make accurate predictions about future events. As a web based retail analysis reporting tool, it has the unique ability to be fed additional data from all business areas to give you a total view of performance in your multi-channel solution environment.

Retail store reporting

Enables store managers to have visibility and includes but not limited to:


  • Review real time store sales and identify sales patterns to assist with staffing peaks
  • Review trading exceptions such as voids, refunds and other risk areas
  • Identify top performing categories and products
  • Identify slow sellers
  • Review basket spend
  • View cash office reconciliation, overs, shorts and cash payouts

Operational reporting

Provide visibility across the business of performance by channel, area and store:


  • Area and regional managers can analyse sales
  • Identify your most profitable lines
  • Get insight into net sales and gross margins down to product level
  • Monitor store conversion rates to ensure traffic flow is maximised
  • View cash on hand, banking and general cash control

Enterprise reporting

With access to additional data sources, enable enterprise wide analysis:


  • Gain insights into sales patterns to assist with merchandise assortment, promotions and pricing decisions
  • Provide visibility of stock positions and movements across the business
  • Ensure product availability to complete all customer omni-channel journeys
  • Visibility of financial positions and identify risks

A System for Your Business Today and Tomorrow

  • Customisable to your business
  • Powerful promotional capabilities
  • Integrate and evolve systems on a schedule that works for you
  • Invest in a platform that meets your needs today, tomorrow and long into the future

Key Benefits

  • Easy to use and quick to train new staff
  • Maximise sales and increase profit margins
  • Identify and prevent shrinkage
  • Control your VAT
  • Manage your stock
  • Scaleable and flexible
  • Ready for the future

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