Loss Prevention

IntelliQ is a Loss Prevention software installed in many international retailers such as Claires Accessories, Lloyds Pharmacy, John Lewis and locally in South Africa Pick n Pay, Foschini and PEP.

The solution takes data from any store solution which is already captured in running your business. This helps to quickly and efficiently detect and prevent losses in your retail operation.  Losses can be a result of theft, fraud, business processes and even training. 

The software takes data from EPoS, Internet, the supply-chain and banking amongst other sources, offering an all-encompassing Loss Prevention data analytics tool. The product is designed to be used by retail Loss Prevention Officers, Managers and Investigators – the retail LP business users with very lean IT resources to maintain.

IntelliQ provides capability to unlock  complex relationships often characteristic of fraudulent activity but hidden in millions of genuine transactions- and shows them in a logical and intuitive way. Drilling into data and patterns is seamless and instantaneous, no matter how large or complex the data set. 

IntelliQ offers the flexibility required for true forensic analysis, without the need for the protracted implementation and design processes often associated with this level of application. Utilising the detailed, information locked within multiple data sources the complete solution is implemented, at a fixed price and with no hidden costs and has proved time and again in providing return on investment within a short period of time.

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