MarkeTech’s omnichannel solutions power engaged commerce Software that provides consistent and cohesive customer and employee experiences to drive the digital journeys

Retailers today have one key business – selling merchandise to customers however they want to buy it. Providing a superior shopping experience requires stepping up innovation to combine the best of the digital and physical worlds at each step of the customer journey. This ability to innovate and embrace new technology is key to retail growth, especially in a slow economy.

“Retailers need to blur the lines between physical and digital,” says Sonja Leoncini, Business Development Director, MarkeTech. “They can only do that by introducing tried-and-tested digital store technologies while pioneering novel consumer-enabled services.

“At MarkeTech we provide Omnichannel capabilities that allow the customer to shop online from a desktop or mobile device, or by telephone, or in a bricks and mortar store, seamlessly. “To provide compelling customer engagement and interaction requires retailers to have shared cross-channel pricing and promotion engines, an enterprise view of inventory or customers, and personalised recommendations,” she says.

MarkeTech have, since 2007 been the South African distributor of PCMS for Africa and have been very successful in the region having sold and implemented the PCMS suite of product at some of South Africa’s leading retailers such as Pick n Pay, Metcash, OTTO Bros, Big Five Duty Free Stores and in Malawi Peoples Trading Centre and SPAR. Having bought the source code for the product MarkeTech is also an Off-Shore development partner of not only PCMS but also some of the other distributors in Italy, France Germany and Australia where the PCMS products are sold via a channel of distributors and resellers. PCMS is a leading global provider of retail commerce software and services. The company’s omni-channel retail solutions, combined with managed IT services expertise, enables MarkeTech to provide local retailers with the technology solutions that empower consumers and enable a better shopping journey.

“We enable your customers and your colleagues to access your brand, products, orders, and commerce capabilities in a fashion that is channel independent and in real-time,” Leoncini adds.


What the analysts say

According to The Forrester Wave report, ‘Point Of Service, Q3 2018’, “PCMS offers impressive strength in architecture, mobile application extensions, and back office functionality but distinguishes itself by offering a high level of hospitality functionality in the same POS that manages merchandise sales.’

Forrester notes this focus is important for retailers planning to use hospitality, and maybe event tickets and social media, to drive traffic to the store and upgrade the customer experience from “transaction” to “entertainment.”

The report adds that clients admired the PCMS Vision Commerce Suite, POS reliability and future vision, which one client described as, “Proven, reliable existing POS capability, combined with compelling vision of future POS (both architecturally and to meet customer requirements).”


A global solution tailored for Africa

Based on its successful provision of solutions and services to the retail industry in South Africa and internationally, MarkeTech is able to bring to clients on the continent a proven international retail solution that is implemented and supported locally.

“We offer real value  to the local market, with South African pricing and the use of local resources,” says Leoncini. “This makes delivery of each solution both efficient and cost effective.”

Leoncini notes that as part of PCMS’s partner growth strategy, the company has appointed Peter Ludi as its first territory executive for Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

“Peter previously worked with MarkeTech, and has years of experience in the retail sector and an in-depth understanding of the local and regional markets. He has been tasked with supporting PCMS’s customer growth, partner strategy and expanding the company’s presence in Africa. In addition, at MarkeTech we have our own development workbench which means we have intellectual property and capability development and support for local customers according to their specific needs.”

PCMS’s international customer base ranges from the biggest brands to luxury retailers to midsize chains across all verticals, and includes names like Walgreens, Marks & Spencer John Lewis, David Jones, Pick n Pay and Big 5 Duty Free.

“Our South African customers have trusted us to deliver engaged commerce solutions that support their strategy for more than 13 years,” Leoncini says.

She says that MarkeTech’s tailored retail solutions offer key benefits:

Sell from anywhere

Location is not an issue with the PCMS VISION Commerce Suite, which enables continuous baskets that stay with the customer – rather than a specific device, creating a seamless brand experience and multiple upselling opportunities.

Surprise and delight the customer

Deliver a surprise in-store, on-device or on social media at any time, on any channel and for a specific customer anywhere in the world. Highly-personalised offers can be linked to real-time actions, and powerful referral capabilities allow you to understand and then leverage your most influential customers.

Never lose a sale

Make sure your shoppers stay with you. Your channels can work everywhere with powerful click-and-collect, Endless Aisle and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) capabilities.

Further, retail clients are able to free up valuable time and resources by reducing risk with tested unified integration.

“We bring their teams together on one platform, minimising complexity and cost, allowing them to concentrate on sales conversion, engagement and customer understanding – the real business of retail.”


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