MarkeTech has partnered with PCMS since 2006 providing software and support to our local customers and in addition providing development services to PCMS for international customer projects, being selected as a PCMS development partner.  We have also partnered with PCMS international partners to supplement their own development skills.

We understand that most retailers key strategy in this Omni-channel journey is to provide a single view of your customers with a service that supports customer expectations in terms of dynamic retail offerings and provide a single view of information which will enable you to support your business operations initiatives and strategies.

The VISION Commerce Suite, covers most Retail verticals such as Fashion, Grocery, Speciality, Hospitality, Petroleum and many others and is capable of replacing existing Point of Sales solutions, as well as store Management. Ccustomers may deploy as a  centralised or distributed store solution, or both.  We are able and have considerable experience in integrating into centralised environments such as SAP, Sage and other 3rd party solutions.

Vision has proven capabilities to combine and bring decision making into the hands of a store employee where required. Vision offers a fully resilient POS and as expected, caters for deployment on mobile devices whilst at the same time unlocking the power of your online platform.

We pride ourselves in employing excellent developers and support resources, offering local skills and cost effective local pricing for services. We do own source which is maintained and any development is carried out using PCMS’s development methodologies. In partnership with PCMS we are offering you software and services required to successfully deploy the Vision Commerce Suite to your organisation. This will provide a unique combination of in-house owned and developed software solutions combined with services in order to bring cutting-edge technology solutions. This will support you in your journey through the Omni-channel initiative for your immediate and future requirements.

MarkeTech has proven deployment skills in line with recognised Project Management and Agile methodologies.  Our aim is to provide quality and timeliness of our project deliveries in line with agreements between customers and ourselves. This is built on a solid and proven project management process supported by a highly-skilled and experienced implementation team.